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Welcome to Elite 82


Elite 82 is a service designed to improve performance parameters and enhance athletic performance.

The unique services are tailored to breakdown the boundaries using science led programming to achieve targets whether that be medals, increasing VO2max, strength or cutting seconds off times. Whatever your goal, Elite 82 is the service for you. 


The service is athlete centred and looks at the client with a holistic view incorporating sports specific training demands, strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery and mindset. Individual programmes are designed with meso and micro cycles to enhance and maximise performance. 


Whether you are elite, aspiring to be elite or high-level performing athlete, Elite 82 delivers a science led strength and conditioning programme to optimise performance and help you achieve individual targets. 


We offer movement assessments, screening tests, field training, strength and conditioning programmes, nutrition advice, mobility, recovery, women’s health specific training, club support and coaching to improve sleep and mindset. 


Our performance protocol is designed to maximise results and expand the human potential of each individual client. 

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high performance coach
high performance coach


The directors holistic athlete centred approach and scientific knowledge, breeds confidence, success and enables individuals to achieve their full potential. Sian Elizabeth Rees BSc Hons MSc, has worked her way up through every sporting environment to head up departments in elite environments working with top athletes. She has gained invaluable knowledge every step of the way. She now works with individuals including elite sprinters, professional footballers, rugby players, golfers, hikers and even CEO’s.

The world of high performance is complex. Elite 82's experience and expertise, helps them navigate clients and support them on their pathway of success, provide relevant, up-to-date guidance, and programme the correct science based quadrennial training to help you, the individual, reach your goals.

Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with certifications in sports science, strength and conditioning, football, nutrition and more make a trusted and credible high-performance coach who delivers results for clients, and will help you achieve permanent successful changes in the next 12 months.

Elite 82 is dedicated to helping you unlock your athletic potential and achieve your goals, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you”.

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