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Track, field or weight room, whatever your goals, Elite 82 will help you surpass limitations and reach new performance highs! 

Science based programming based on an individuals biomechanics.
Multiple support options for athletes of all ages from adolescence to masters athletes.

Our Services

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and we can talk about our services and options available


  • Gold Monthly Support Package

    Every month
    High Performance Online Coaching
    • 30 minute online consultation
    • Bespoke plan that is sport specific
    • Feedback on training videos
    • Bi-weekly check-ins & WhatsApp support
    • High performance support for athletes
    • Cost effective package for athletes on a budget
    • Training programme on app with videos and notes
    • 12 week training plan
    • Minimum 3 month subscription
    • Full movement assessment available at discount with package
  • Platinum Monthly Support Package

    Every month
    High Performance Online Coaching
    • 30 minute Online Consultation
    • Initial Movement Assessment In-person or online
    • Bespoke plan that is sport specific
    • Feedback on training videos
    • Nutrition consultation, meal plans and nutritional support
    • Bi-weekly check-ins & WhatsApp support.
    • High performance support for athletes focused on goals
    • Programme on app with videos and notes
    • Mindset and performance support
    • Minimum 3 month subscription
  • Elite Monthly Support Package

    Every month
    High Performance Coaching
    • Full 60 minute consultation
    • FULL testing and screening including dynamomentry testing
    • Bespoke plan that is sport specific
    • Instructional videos for exercises & drills
    • Key coaching support & tutoring to reduce injury risk
    • Full plan on app - easy to use and monitors progress
    • Nutrition, recovery & mindset support
    • Bi-weekly check-ins
    • WhatsApp support, feedback on training videos.
    • Accelerate your performance goals with elite support
    • Includes 1 in-person session a month
    • Package can be customised on discussion
Elite 82 offers high-performance coaching to youth and adults of all ages.

Highly qualified & experienced in elite sports specific coaching including strength and conditioning, mobility, recovery, mindset,  nutrition and mentoring athletes and sports people. 

We also offer sports massage and rehabilitation programmes.
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High performance coaching

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HARVEY GREENSLADE, First Year Professional at Bristol Rovers FC

Sian has helped me in many ways, including helping improve my strength and making me quicker. But more importantly helped me come back to fitness when coming back from my LCL tear in my knee.

It was a hard time but Sian helped me come back fitter and stronger than ever!
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